Post 29, 2/21/17: Chicken tacos from tom’s refrigerator

Post 29, 2/21/17: Chicken tacos from tom’s refrigerator

HEY GUISE it’s tom, back again! Wow, what a great audience. Today we’re going to talk about some absolutely delightful little tacos made by yours truly, tom. Now the truth is, homies, I have had a hankering for Taco Bell for a few months now, but I don’t really eat much fast food, and probably haven’t had Taco Bell in about 8 years. I guess you could say I’m a little nervous! So instead of risking life and limb (well, probably more like e. coli), I decided to go with an almost certainly less-poop-having Hispanic treat, and make some tacos at the ol’ casa de tom. That’s Spanish for “tom’s crappy apartment”.

Above you can see the 45 degree angle view – here’s the skycam:

I bet you feel like you’re in a 3D movie! Don’t try and grab those tacos though or you’ll knock your computer off your desk!

Anyways, continuing with #newyearnewtom, I’ve integrated ice skating into my daily regime of angry rainy night running, angry snowy night running, angry runners-knee-safe elliptical-ing, and surprise planking in co-workers offices. I played hockey for about 12 years so I’m pretty decent at skating, but am coming off basically an 8 year break, so I’m still getting back in the swing of things. I love hockey. Even though I never got into it, I also really like figure skating. But since most figure skaters seem to be generally pretty happy (I require most of my physical activities to be driven by anger), I’ve never really been able to put my finger on exactly why I like it. But recently, I figured it out.

It’s the arms.

Figure skaters are friggin’ serious about their arms. And as someone who has never really known what to do with their hands, I can respect the hell out of that. I think that’s why I like hockey – it’s almost always obvious where you should put your hands: usually on your stick, sometimes pointing towards the sky when you score a goal, and occasionally in some douche canoe’s face hole.

But as expressive as it might be to plow your fist into some turd burglar’s ear, it just comes nothing close to the effort figure skaters put into their arm positioning. Now I’m not even talking about practice, much less any sort of competition – this was a very casual open skate session. But there’s always one or two people out there who think they’re in the freaking Sochi Winter Olympics, with their arms fully outstretched parallel to the ice, like it’s Hands Across America. Or sometimes when they’re doing a little turn they’ll angle their arms, like they’re doing Hands Across America up or down a hill.

I could go on and on about it. Figure skaters rule.

Also I won’t go into too much detail (it’s not really needed) but I saw this in a human’s restroom at a gas station in Sauk this weekend.

Sweet huh? But you’re not here to look at bathroom stickers, or hear about figure skating awesomeness. You’re here to hear about chicken tacos, and probably Chili Cook Off. I’ve only been teasing it for months!

First, Chili Cook Off. This event is held each year at the East Side Businessman’s Club in Madison, WI, at 10:30am, the last Saturday of February. I’ve been going for probably 7 or 8 years now, thanks to my old roomies (thanks guys!). There are usually 20 or so chilis prepared by the entrants, and for a quarter you get a sample. So for about $5, you get to sample somewhere in the range of 80-100 oz of chili. For those of you math wizards, that’s like 3/4 of a gallon. It’s a pretty good deal! But that’s only the beginning.

This is about the most judgement-free zone you can imagine. Show up at 10:30am and want to grab a twelvesie of PBR and Jameson shots all around? You got it! Want to build a giant pile of exhausted pull tabs, and shoo away any kind staff members who generously offer to clean up after you, so you can build that sweet pile even higher? Go nuts! I hear there are even some dorks who have taken to dressing up in a theme each year. We thought it was weird at first, but now they’re kind of like folks heroes!

(I’m just kidding. That’s us. Everyone still thinks we’re weird)

Anyways, check it out. Any fan of chili, laughter, and morning beers is welcome. Now, on to the tacos!

This is my current favorite taco configuration – take a soft shell tortilla (though, double decker would go great here) and smear some baked sweet potato on that. Then simmer some roasted chicken with onions, garlic, spices (I went with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, chili powder, and S+P), and a few chipotle peppers with adobo sauce and add that to the tortilla. Top it off with some cheddar, guacamole, raw onions, sour cream, and your choice of hot sauce (I usually go with Valentina or the Chipotle version of Cholula, but dealer’s choice here).

Next step: eat. I’ve included a diagram to indicate what you should expect, and how the reaction compares to other substances.

Thank me later.

4.1/5 ate again just a few minutes ago. See you at Chili Cook Off!

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